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Karachiites to Celebrate New Year 2023 at Sea View

Karachiites to Celebrate New Year 2023 at Sea View

Karachi residents can celebrate New Year 2023 at Sea View this year.

As the New Year approached, SSP South Asad Raza said that the Sea View area will be accessible to the general public this year. The policeman added, adding that extra security measures will be put in place on December 31st night, “The inhabitants may enjoy the New Year  on their favorite recreational site.”

More than 2,500 police officers, according to him, will be assigned to Sea View and its surrounding neighborhoods. He insisted that while the populace might celebrate the New Year 2023 within the bounds of the law, no one would be permitted to engage in hooliganism.

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In addition, The SSP South issued a warning that anybody engaging in the aerial fire would face harsh punishment and that attempted murder cases will be filed. He said that “aerial gunfire, one-wheeling, and moreover dangerous driving will not be permitted.”

Safety Measures

Finally, There would be 2,500 police officers working their shifts. Driving recklessly and one-wheeling is prohibited. There would be 150 female constables working as security.

According to him, Shaheen Force will be stationed on the roadways and mounted police would patrol the beach to safeguard the public. On New Year’s Eve, 150 female constables will be assigned to security responsibilities.

Moreover, Asad Raza stated that starting at 10:00 p.m. on December 31, the roadways near Sea View would become one-way. He advised the locals to stay away from needless fireworks at Sea View. Dr. Rudiger Lotz, the German consul general in Karachi, sent his wishes for the joyous occasion of Christmas and the holiday season on December 25.

However, The German envoy said the Year 2022 had not been an easy year in a video statement on the occasion. “We were dealing with the corona epidemic at the start of the year. We have seen the horrific conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he had added.

Next, He emphasized that Pakistan will have to deal with the fallout from a historic flood calamity in 2023.


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