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Karachi’s Rampant Street Crimes Claim 100 Lives this Year

Karachi's Rampant Street Crimes Claim 100 Lives This Year

Karachi faces escalating crimes, claiming 100 lives in gun incidents.

As violent robbers have been plundering individuals and killing them at the smallest suggestion of resistance with impunity, the city’s citizens have grown fearful and uneasy as a result of the prevalent street crimes.

According to the figures, over 400 individuals have also been hurt by armed robbers and muggers since January 1 in addition to the fatalities.

Residents of Karachi are losing faith in the police because they believe that they have been powerless to stop the increase in street violence. Robbers have stolen money and other goods from thousands of inhabitants in addition to killing and injuring others, primarily young males.

Up to October 31st, there were almost 73,000 street criminal incidents. When compared to the first ten months of last year, muggings and other similar crimes have increased by 11% this year.

CPLC Stated Police Effectiveness

Even though the situation in the city has gotten worse, the police still insist that everything is under control. Data from the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) illustrates the police’s effectiveness in reducing street crime from January to October of this year.

While 65,901 street criminal occurrences were reported from January to October last year, more than 73,000 such incidents were reported during the same time this year.

There has been an uptick in automobile and motorbike thefts and snatching as well, with the officers of the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell on the alert.

Nobody, however, is aware of the origins, destinations, or methods used by auto and motorcycle thieves to transport their looted vehicles outside of the city.

The numbers that are now available show that in only one month, 5,042 motorcycle thefts, 215 car lift crimes, and 2,232 phone thefts from city residents were reported.

During the first ten months of this year, citizens were robbed of goods worth billions of rupees, yet the police seemed to focus only on paperwork.

Senior police officers have frequently asserted that conditions are generally improved, but no one in the city is safe from robberies, whether they are leaving their homes in the morning, coming home at night, or simply sitting in a public place.

Increased Street Crimes in Sindh

When addressing the media on November 11, Karachi police chief Javed Alam Odho stated that the city was experiencing an alarming rise in street crime due to flash floods that had affected several parts of the nation, particularly Sindh.

Talaash App Introduced by Sindh Police

The “Talaash” app was introduced by the Sindh police last month to combat the rise in street crime incidences in Karachi with the aid of contemporary technology and enhanced policing. Ghulam Nabi Memon, the head of the provincial police, introduced the app.

In his remarks, he stated that the Sindh police were improving their ability to assure crime prevention through the use of technology so that criminal elements, whether terrorists or street criminals, could not elude the police.

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