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Punjab Government will Monitor Traffic Using AI

Artificial Intelligence AI will used by Punjab govt to Monitor traffic.

Punjab provincial government plans to include artificial intelligence (AI) into its Monitor systems, thereby transforming traffic management.

The administration has made a major step in the region’s approach to law enforcement and traffic control by announcing intentions to implement AI-based detection systems for detecting traffic offenses.

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The program promises to use Artificial Intelligence technology to identify a variety of violations, such as failing to wear a helmet, incorrect lane usage, and disobedience of traffic signals. The government hopes to increase the effectiveness of identifying and punishing criminals while also promoting a safer driving environment by utilizing AI’s capabilities.

This project offers a more precise and efficient way to monitor and enforce traffic laws, departing from traditional law enforcement techniques.

Authorities can quickly and accurately identify infractions thanks to AI’s ability to handle enormous volumes of data in real time, which improves overall road safety and compliance.

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