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Scotland Prime Minister Hamza Yusuf Resigned his Post

Hamza Yusuf, Prime Minister of Scotland, has resigned from his post.

Hamza Yusuf, the first Muslim and Pakistani-origin Prime Minister of Scotland, has resigned from his post.

The news came as the chances of the opposition’s no-confidence motion against Hamza Yusuf being successful gained momentum.

Leaders from the Scottish National Party have been under pressure since last week ending their power sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens.

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The crisis facing Hamza Yusuf’s Scottish National Party could see the opposition Labor Party regain a foothold in Scottish hearts ahead of the national election, undermining the chances of Prime Minister Rishi Singh’s Conservative Party winning power across the country. Reinforced.

The opposition parties in the Scottish Parliament had tabled two motions of no confidence, one against the Prime Minister and the other against the Scottish National Party government.

The Scottish National Party is sitting on only 63 seats in the 129-seat parliament, so Hamza Yusuf was facing difficulties in leading a minority government.

Who is Hamza Yusuf?

The Parliament of Scotland elected Hamza Yusuf of Pakistani origin as the First Minister in March 2023. 37-year-old Hamza Yusuf is the youngest and first Muslim leader of Scotland.

Hamza Yusuf, who belongs to the Scottish National Party, was supported by members of the Scottish Greens Party in addition to his own party to form the government.

Yusuf’s father hails from Mian Chinnu, Pakistan, who migrated to Scotland with his family in the 1960s, while his mother was born in Kenya to a South Asian family.

Hamza Yusuf first became a member of the Scottish Parliament from Glasgow in 2011 at the age of 26. Apart from this, he has also been Minister of Transport and Minister of Justice in the Scottish Cabinet.

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