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Sweden Police Permit Quran Burned Outside Pakistani Embassy

Pakistani Embassy faces Quran burning by Iraqi refugee in Stockholm.

Momika has been given permission to burned the Quran on August 28 between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. local time in front of the Pakistani embassy in Stockholm. Pakistanis have been urged to maintain peace by community leaders.

Momika targeted the Quran in the Swedish capital of Stockholm earlier this month, defiling the Muslim holy book once more.

Momika attacked the Quran in front of Stockholm’s parliament building with the help of Salwan Najem, who is of Iraqi descent.

Before jumping on the Quran and ultimately setting a copy of it on fire, Momika shouted anti-Islamic chants.

However, Momika and Najem had to deal with a group of Swedish activists who demanded that they cease their offensive behavior. One of the activists who attempted to stop the violence was taken into custody by the police who were defending the perpetrators.

On June 28, the first day of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Azha, Momika torched the Quran in front of the Stockholm Mosque while being guarded by the police.

Islamophobic individuals or groups have repeatedly burned and desecrated the Quran in recent months, particularly in northern European and Nordic nations.

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