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Two Pakistani Arrested for Selling Drugs in Madinah

Two Pakistani arrested during raid against drugs peddlers in Madinah.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said on Tuesday that during an operation against drugs dealers in the Madinah region, at least two Pakistani nationals had been arrested.

According to the Saudi media, the suspects were arrested for methamphetamine trafficking and were later given over to the public prosecutor once the preliminary legal proceedings were completed.

Throughout Saudi Arabia, a number of people have been taken into custody during operations targeting narcotics dealers and traffickers.

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The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority stopped attempts on Tuesday to smuggle drugs concealed in luggage through numerous ports.

A vehicle entering the Kingdom through Duba Port included 93,750 drug pills concealed in merchandise in one effort to transport the drugs, and Jeddah Islamic Port Customs discovered 356,559 more tablets in a consignment. 201,600 Captagon pills were found in a vehicle’s floor cavity at the Al-Haditha port.

In order to apprehend the seven suspects to whom the cargo was supposed to be transferred, the Customs Authority made contact with the General Directorate of Narcotics Control.

Two drug dealers were captured in Jeddah by the General Directorate of Narcotics Control; one was from Pakistan and the other from the Philippines. They were trying to sell two and a half kilograms of meth.

Hafr Al-Batin City

In a different incident, law officers in Hafr Al-Batin city arrested a Pakistani national who was trying to sell meth.

Extreme punishments are applied in Saudi Arabia for the import, production, usage, and possession of illicit substances and alcohol.

In actuality, those found guilty may face protracted jail terms, hefty fines, public floggings, and even deportation. To be clear, anyone caught smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia faces the death penalty.

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s drug laws, authorities don’t create any exceptions, and foreign embassies have no ability to influence the country’s legislative decisions on behalf of its nationals.

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