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WhatsApp Introduced Photo Library Shortcut for Faster Sharing

WhatsApp has introduced a new photo library shortcut for faster sharing.

WhatsApp is always rolling out new features, and it appears that it is currently working on making it easier for everyone to open and exchange photos, WhatsApp’s latest version for iOS users introduced shortcut feature for quickly opening the photo library.

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iPhone users of the messaging app will now be able to share photographs more quickly because they will not have to go through the additional steps of entering the media library. As a result, the innovation will improve the user experience by removing unnecessary steps in accessing media material within chats.

The update is now available on the App Store.

WhatsApp introduced photo library shortcut for faster sharing

The WhatsApp for iOS 24.7.75 update provides noteworthy changes as well as a variety of other improvements. While the official changelog on the App Store may lack detailed information on the new features, users can now easily access the photo library by long pressing the attach button within the chat interface.

Previously, you had to hit the attachment button and then select “Photo & Video” to select an image. With the latest version, a single long click on the attachment button takes you directly to your photos, saving you one tap.

Those who have yet to obtain this functionality are encouraged to be proactive in updating WhatsApp from the App Store. The deployment may take place gradually in the next weeks. So, it is recommended that you keep your app up to date so that you can quickly enjoy the latest features and improvements.

You can upgrade WhatsApp through the App Store or the TestFlight app.

If you haven’t seen the update yet, don’t worry. WhatsApp is progressively spreading it out, so you might get it in the coming weeks.

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