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Israeli Attack on Rafah Camp, 75 Palestinians Burned Alive

Israeli attack on Rafah camp, more than 75 Palestinians were burnt alive.

In Rafah, the Israeli army attack a camp declared safe by the United Nations, as a result of which more than 75 Palestinians were burned alive and dozens were injured.

Private TV news said concerning foreign media that the Israeli bombardment caused a fire in the refugee camp of Rafah, in which a large number of martyrs were burned fire, including a large number of women and children among the martyrs. The refugee camp is home to a large number of displaced Palestinians from northern Gaza.

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A large number of Palestinians evicted from northern Gaza are living in the refugee camp. According to reports, many people are in critical condition due to burns, and the number of martyrs is expected to increase.

Camps in Jabalia:

More than 230 Palestinians were massacred in 24 hours before 160 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks on camps in Jabalia, Nusirat, and Gaza City. Palestinian officials say that bombs weighing more than 900 kg will be used on the camp in Rafah

The Palestinian Authority appealed to Egypt to send ambulances to evacuate the injured. The Palestinian Authority strongly condemned the Israeli attack on the UN camp in Rafah, saying that the Israeli attack was an open challenge against the decision of the International Court of Justice.

Israel claims that Israeli warplanes attacked a Hamas compound in Rafah during the night.

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Key members of Hamas remained at the site of the attack, but two days before the attack, the International Court of Justice stopped Israel from military action in Rafah.

On the other hand, the American member of Congress has demanded that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stop the military operation in Rafah immediately.

Israeli Government:

At the same time, the Israeli lawmaker Ada Toma Suleiman also condemned the latest attack on Rafah and said that the Israeli lawmaker decided the International Court of Justice. Said that the Israeli government is refusing to obey all the orders of the international tribunal, the Israeli government is taking the madness, and the reprisals to a new criminal level.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine, UNRWA, said in a statement that Israel’s targeting of the UN camp is not surprising.

Israel is not acting as a normal state. Bombarding. Israel has also bombed UNRWA health centers and shelters.

193 UN workers have been killed in the Israeli bombing. It should be noted that 36,000 Palestinians have been martyred so far in the Israeli attacks in Gaza.

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