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Japan Developed First 6G Device, who 20 Times Faster than 5G

Japan developed world’s first 6G device which is 20% faster than 5G.

A consortium of Japanese telecommunications companies has joined together to develop a cutting-edge wireless gadget for the upcoming 6G device. Up to 20 times higher data transmission speeds than the present 5G technology are possible with this revolutionary device.

This revolutionary technology can download an entire movie in a matter of seconds—imagine that speed. It can transmit data across a distance of up to 330 feet at a pace of 100 gigabits per second, which is extremely fast.

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DOCOMO, NTT, NEC, and Fujitsu, involved in this project, initiated collaboration in 2021 to prepare for the future adoption of 6G as the new norm for internet connections.

6G will use even higher frequencies than 5G, which uses lower frequencies. This means that since the devices we already have for 5G won’t work for 6G, they had to start from zero when creating new ones.

It wasn’t simple; they had to fully redesign these new devices and figure out how to make them function correctly.

Every business contributed significantly to this effort. In order to make the transmissions stronger and more effective, NEC invented a unique type of antenna, DOCOMO worked on equipment for one frequency band, NTT concentrated on another, while Fujitsu pioneered new technology.

Future applications for this 6G technology breakthrough could include real-time control over self-driving cars, the ability to stream ultra-high quality videos, and meeting the connectivity requirements of a plethora of unimagined new technologies.

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